SMS has not died yet, you need it for your loyalty program!

A recent study showed that internet users prefer receiving SMS instead of email or app notifications (More info about the study: here). The result is surprising, right? Some of you guys may think SMS is outdated. But it’s not!

Consumers want their loyalty program messages to come via SMS, not email or push notifications

A marketing firm interviewed 3,500 internet users in U.S. about their preference of receiving loyalty messages. Surprisingly, nearly half of the interviewees preferred SMS as a channel than email and app notifications. The reason is very straightforward – No app installation, Not getting lose in tons of emails.


In today’s world, your consumers receive millions of emails, either promotional emails or newsletter. Standing out from tons of emails is not an easy job. We spend every effort to catch users’ attention and boost the open rate – using eye-catching email design and outstanding email subject. But… Why don’t we use the simplest and fastest way  to reach them– SMS? It doesn’t need to download any app. Opting in is easy though.

If loyalty program is the core area you would like to grow, maybe SMS can help retain your customers.


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