Which verification SDK should you select for your app?

For the past 15 years, the use of verification feature has been spreading more and more across various industries – Refer to our previous article: How the integration of a verification feature will improve your app and its security 

SMS verification was traditionally developed in order to authenticate and / or verify the actual user’s details. Leveraging our knowledge in releasing a client side SDK on all platforms (Android and iOS) and the powerful M800 Voice and SMS SDKs, we have packaged our solutions in order to take care of all the verification steps in an easy and seamless manner on all mobile platforms.

M800 now offers 4 different verification options: SMS, IVR, Inbound and Outbound Calls. In fact, more and more customers opt nowadays for Voice features; and here is why:

  1. Cost-effective solution

 Our technologies are based on VoIP call – meaning fully online – The cost of a call is therefore extremely low compared to the cost of sending an SMS.

In case the call is not successful, which happens very seldom, the user only has to press a button to retry. The related cost would then represent approximately 10% of the cost to be borne when re-sending an SMS.

  1. Improved and smoother User Experience

Using Voice instead of SMS enables especially:

  • offering a shorter process: Only 3 steps are required in order to complete the verification, ending with picking up a phone call, whereas 5 steps are required with SMS.
  • avoiding time-limitation: A call doesn’t present any time limitation, just pick it up when it comes. There is absolutely no need to speed up in getting and copying a verification number, which is only what SMS verification allows.

The SDKs are available today and ready to be integrated in your Android, iOS. We value your feedbacks and inputs, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with suggestions and comments..

Click here to see how you can build better and safer apps with M800 by verifying user phone numbers quickly and effectively.


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