Compete in the app world by enhancing your customer service

With the ever-increasing competition in consumer markets, how do you ensure that your brand remains competitive? Are you acting enough on differentiation in order to retain your customers?

As a brand, you have a lot to lose when you fail to meet a customer’s expectations. In fact, 60% of customers have bailed on a transaction because of a poor service experience, according to a 2014 American Express survey. And the trend has been reinforced nowadays in this growing on-demand economy.

But it’s not just that one customer you lose. Americans tell an average of eight people about their good experiences, and an average of 21 people about their poor experiences, according to the same American Express survey. Considering that 84% of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as recommendations from friends and family, more than any other form of advertising, it’s clear the stakes are much higher.

For our FMCG customers encountering a fierce competition, excellent customer service is not only about retaining customers, but more and more about driving sales. So how can you bring customer service in-app to help your brand improve communication?


1- Create a customised user experience

Retain complete control over your UI and add a customer support layer that enhances your app with video and voice calling for a streamlined UX. Your users will stay in the app for a better experience and you’ll decrease the potential for lost user engagement.

That is why, in order to adapt to our various industry leaders, we offer both widget – Our LiveConnect – and full White Labelled solutions!

2- Provide added convenience

With VoIP calls, thus free Wi-Fi calling, on top of traditional PSTN options, your users can reach customer support from anywhere in the world, even when travelling. And remember, real-time communication in customer service will be your key for a proper differentiation!

No matter your industry, you should strive not to make a sale, but to make a customer. Done well, you’ll attract the type of customer who attracts more customers and rapid growth will come organically.

Click here to check-out how to enhance your customer service with our in-app features!


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