How the integration of a verification feature will improve your app and its security

In today’s tech world, user verification is nothing abnormal or discouraging anymore. Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Gmail, Outlook, YouTube, SnapChat, Instagram – everyone is now doing it! Since so many businesses have now implemented that feature, the mental resistance among users is fading. In fact, there’s a risk that you’ll stand out more not adapting to the standard. Here are the main reasons why you should add verification to your app!

  1. Avoiding fake user accounts and other security threats

For years mobile apps have ignored security threats – A study carried out by IBM found that 40% of apps do not have security measures for when they are hacked. Mobile gaming companies are some of the worst offenders as the pace for innovation and acquiring new users is far greater than apps in other industries like media, travel, and hospitality.

According to the same study, 65% of companies admit the security of their apps is often put at risk because of customer demand or need. The key threats are mainly spams from fake accounts, fraudsters posting fake listings, displaying fake products, causing financial damages both for users and companies and hacked accounts/account takeovers (ATO).

In the financial industry, with payment apps especially, authentication has even become a matter of survival. The inception of cryptocurrencies and financial technology such as Google Wallet, PayPal, Apple Pay, Skrill, Barintree, Paydollar etc. only expedites the need for data security, given the tendency of cyber-criminals to search for exploitable loopholes in the system. Verifying user identity and transactions have become mandatory to the prevention of fraud, theft, fake profiles, spams, … Failure to ensure a secure environment around transactions damages customer experience, retention, brand equity and could even result in serious fines and legal ramifications.


2. Enhancing User Experience

Verification feature used to be very unpopular, considered by users as “annoying”. If security concerns helped driving acceptance among users at first, it is now becoming a way to improve the whole user experience process.

From user acquisition stage, verification notably enables a better clarity and integrity, on top of security.

Besides, the real stake would not lie anymore in the acquisition but more on the retention. In fact, losing over 70% of mobile app user is not abnormal. Profit comes with user retention; creating an attractive environment and establishing trust is thus initial. Verifying users is a part of that process.

It adds an extra step during app registration, but is eventually found to be worth it, in order to guarantee a seamless user experience. In fact, related to all above arguments, a recognisable, reliable, clear and safe service with genuine users creates great UX, and it certainly weighs heavier than the burden of that extra registration step.

When it comes to the core business directly, having a solid verification process in an early stage is a proactive approach that saves time and money in real-time monitoring and reparation. Instead of chasing spammers, you can reinforce your focus on genuine users and app development.


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