Choosing your Toll-Free number: Get inspired by Chinese Vanity Numbers

Getting a vanity number will make a huge difference to your business; customers are in fact more likely to call numbers that they easily remember. The key success factor of a marketing campaign will notably consist in making it memorable for the customers. Well-chosen vanity numbers can generate up to 58% more calls than traditional numbers. How can you ensure that you are picking the right one?

1) Be aware of the cultural differences when targeting Asian markets

In the US, a vanity number will likely be a combination between numbers and letters. The American way can be very straightforward, 1-800-Hurt-Now is an example of what has been launched successfully by an American injury attorneys firm.

If you operate in Asian markets however, your choice will have to be focused on the direct meaning of the numbers. Asians love lucky numbers, but they don’t use them to spell words, they choose them to be reminded of lucky words like “get rich”, “success”, or “I love you”. Here we will try to explain some of the fascinating secrets of Chinese numerology to help you catch the next gold rush!


2) Basics of association with phonetics in Chinese numerology

Chinese numerology.png

To the Chinese, numbers have meanings, just as in English 8 would sound like ate (or hate) and “1 would sound like won. Every number in Chinese sounds the same as several words and sounds similar to many other words. Japanese and Koreans have historically borrowed their numbering systems from China, they are thus sensitive to the same trends.

Number 8 sounds like “get rich”, while number 6 sounds like “flow, road” and 9 like “long, or wine”, even 7 would mean “together”.

6, 7, 8, and 9 are definitely lucky numbers while 5, 4, 1, 2 and 3 vary. Try to avoid the unlucky numbers such as 4 (death), 5 (none), especially 4 as you may have understood.


3) The right combination of numbers to pick

Depending on context, the meaning of the numbers previously mentioned will tend to vary. Remember that their combination is what matters most. Here are few relevant examples:

  • 521 or 520, sounds like wo ai ni = I love you
  • 13 or 1314 sounds like forever, eternal; 138 thus sounds like stay eternally rich
  • 16 sounds like all the way, so 168 means all the way to get rich/ the way to prosperity
  • 51 sounds like I want, so 517 means I want to go or I want to eat

A successful Shanghai restaurant whose number is (8621) 5757 5777 phone number, in Chinese it sounds like “I eat, I eat, I eat eat eat”, was so memorable that they eventually paid to play it in every Shanghai taxi.

As a conclusion, when choosing your toll-free and local DID numbers, be aware of the specificities of the market that you are targeting. Trust an expert such as M800 and get inspired by some of our finest numbers:

  • 4001 288 888 – All the way to fortune
  • 4001 20 20 20 – Love you, love you, love you
  • 4001 268 268 – Get rich easily


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