Toll Free number helps reach millions of clients during the Super Bowl

Yep yep. I know it may be a little bit late to talk about Super Bowl, but we can still learn something from it, right?

Super Bowl is not only about the annual championship game of National Football League (NFL), it’s all about the numbers. The game drew 111.9 million TV viewers and a 30-second spot cost $5,000,000. This year, Super Bowl 50 was the first time people could watch the game, advertisement and halftime performance online for free. So there were many outstanding commercial ads to promote their brands. Here are the top 5 commercials of Super Bowl 50 recommended by SUPERBOWL COMMCERICALS.

tumblr_mhoa52mumo1qiavcao1_400 (1)

One commercial ad just caught my eyes – “Restricted Bling” from T-Mobile. In the last scene, T-Mobile added a 1-800 number for people to call back. Yes,  A 800 number!


What is 800 number and why is it important?

You have put lots of resources in making an ad and all you need is the sound from the audience. Apart from hitting “Likes” on the social media platforms, you can also have a direct contact number for customers worldwide to call you back!

Just take T-Mobile as an example, “1-800-TMOBILE” is an 800 number with a dynamic sender ID. It encourages people from different countries to reach your customer service representatives at free-of-charge. We also called this 800 number as International Toll-Free Numbers (ITFS).  Our previous article described the reasons why you should get one and how to reach the customers globally and effectively. It also mentioned that no customers on earth would pay for an outbound call to purchase your services. I think it’s definitely right!

Dynamic Sender ID and Vanity numbers are just powerful to help the enterprise develop a global presence.

Dynamic sender ID and vanity number are just the same things. It is a custom toll-free number that is easy to remember such as 1-800-VISION or 1-800-SMART. It keeps your company memorable and remarkable, offering potential customers a super easy way to remember who to call. We do believe that vanity numbers can generate higher response rate and higher recall rate, don’t you believe?

Develop your international and creative presence. Sign up a M800 account and ask for a free trial!


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